Chapel Hill Home Inspections

Chapel Hill Home Inspections

Home Inspections in Chapel Hill

Choosing the right home is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make – not just financially, but also for your family. You need to know that the home you’re buying is safe, sturdy, and priced fairly, and the best way to find out is with a home inspection. When you work with Rover Home Inspections in Chapel Hill, you’ll get an in-depth analysis that lets you know your home is ready for everything life has in store.

Benefits of Choosing Rover Home Inspections for your Chapel Hill Property

At Rover Home Inspections, customer service is our number one priority, and that means providing in-depth inspections you can rely on. We use a thorough process that covers every part and component of the house from the top of the chimney to the crawl space.

Schedule a home inspection in Chapel Hill today if you are: 

  • A homebuyer who has put an offer in on a house
  • A homeowner who wants to put your house on the market and needs to know it’s in good shape;
  • Planning on investing in a potential rental property;
  • About to refinance your home and need to determine the value;
  • Needing an 11-month warranty inspection for your newly-built home.

home inspections chapel hill ncComprehensive Walk-Through

We understand that unless you have prior knowledge, a home inspection can be a confusing, overwhelming process where you hear a lot of jargon and don’t know what it means.

At Rover, we strive to bring clarity to homeowners, walking you through what we’re doing, what we’re looking for, and why it’s important. During the inspection, feel free to ask questions when you see something unfamiliar or have a concern. We’re here to help.

Once the walk-through is complete, you’ll get a comprehensive Spectora overview that provides you with images and details related to everything we inspected, including roofing, plumbing, HVAC, wiring, and the foundation. We’ll walk you through the report to highlight causes for concern as well as anything you may want to keep an eye out for if you buy the house. Best of all, you can reference your report and show future repair technicians if you need to in the future.

Inspections You Can Trust

Rover Home Inspections is dedicated to following the Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics laid out by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI).

Comprehensive Home Inspections

Whether you’re looking at a fixer-upper, a flip, or a new build, we make sure you don’t have any surprises when it comes to buying a home. We fully inspect the structural aspects and components so you can purchase a home without worry.

Free Infrared Thermography

Every home inspection comes with free infrared thermography, an innovative technology that lets us see heat variations, even behind the walls and in areas that are difficult to access. Seeing heat variations tips us off to both small and serious concerns without opening the walls.


Infrared thermography to find heat variations within a home allows us to see:

  • Roof leaks
  • Water damage
  • Pest infestations
  • Electrical problems

360 Degree Imaging

You’ll also receive 360 degree images of each room in the property which can be used for:

  • Virtual tours to put in online listings;
  • Buyers who want a visual record of the house before buying it;
  • Investors or owners who are buying sight unseen;
  • Before and after references for future renovation;
  • Showing current property owner areas of concern;

Additional Services

In addition to home inspections in Chapel Hill, we also provide water quality testing and air quality testing so you know your home is safe.

Air Quality Testing

Our home air quality testing determines if the property’s air has pollutants and toxins that could be dangerous, including bacteria, mold spores, and fungus. This is especially important if the property has been closed up or vacant, water damage has occurred, or if you or a member of your family has allergy or respiratory concerns.

Water Quality Testing

Well users and homeowners who have experienced line breaks should have water quality testing to make sure your water is safe to drink and use. Our comprehensive test looks for bacteria, heavy metals, chemicals, and pH variations.

Schedule Your Home Inspection in Chapel Hill Today

If you’ve put in an offer on a house or are ready to list your home, make sure you contact Rover Home Inspections. To learn more about our services or to schedule your inspection, call us today at 919-452-3263 or fill out our simple contact form to get started.

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